Frontier, Non-India funds

Amit Arora’s Eleven Dimensions Funds

Original Focus : Frontier Markets in Africa, countries around India (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal etc). I’ve followed Amit’s blog for the last 3 years now. He used to blog at MultibaggersIndia  when he was discovering idea after fantastic idea on some of the most interesting opportunities in India, but but then moved to LifeandEquities,where he writes on Frontier markets, India & occasionally – on spiritual matters. To get a sense of “why Frontier markets”, consider two of this recent posts: 1. Common-sense Investing & 2. Multi-country Frontier investing

Amit is unique in many ways – he’s the only value investor from India who looks for value across the world. And by that, I mean a really wide canvas. He’s made some excellent picks in India, but his focus is really the Frontier markets – Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. He’s written a lot on these subjects on his blog, so you can really get to know his thought process through these articles.

However, as of Dec’17, 75% of the fund was in Australia & UK, with a much smaller allocation to Frontier markets.

Min investment : $15K (as of 2016). Open to Residents & Non-Residents. Initial investment and eventual return of capital will be in USD.


Kee Koon Boon‘s Hidden Champions Fund

There’s also a very interesting Asian Moat fund which focuses on “Hidden Champions” in South Asian emerging markets – Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan etc..  They’re looking for companies which have high a ROE, clean B/S, unique competitive positions etc.. They focus a lot on Forensic accounting & advance / early detecting of potential accounting fraud. But once they’ve cleared such tests, they uncover some very interesting opportunities. It is run by Mr. Boon – who is one of the emerging ‘stars’ of the value investing world in Asia. He’s the author of the Moat Report Asia, a publication unearthing the best positioned franchises in Asia for long-term wealth creation.

Here’s their presentation (first 39p) & their 2015 annual letter (30p, pages 20-22 illustrates the type of companies they hold).

$100k Min, 2% fixed fees, 20% of profits with HWM.

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