This is a “work in progress” where I aim to share all that I know about the different value investment options available in India – specific funds and/or managers who draw from value investing principles. These include mutual funds (MFs), and portfolio management schemes (PMS).

This broad framework helped me come to informed decisions about where & how to allocate excess capital and I wanted to share this for what it was worth.

Target audience : this is especially geared towards Indians (Residents of India & NRIs), but also for ex-citizens or foreigners who may be looking to gain exposure to India.

Stepping back: Why Equities, and why India?

Why a value investing focus?

Why it is important to understand that compounding is heavily back-ended.

How to think about, and manage your return expectations.

What are the Differences between a PMS and a Mutual Fund ?

Some of the Key issues I see with Mutual Funds in India

That aside, here are the Best Value Investing Mutual Funds India

Let’s say you do have 25L or more to set aside, what are your (best) options? Here are what I consider to be the Best Portfolio Management Schemes in India

Addendum : Do PMS fees justify their returns vs Mutual Fund fees?

If you actually have time and interest, you may want to consider the Advisory and Do-it-yourself options. Highly cost-effective (very low fixed annual fees) But you’ll need to actually set aside Time to be disciplined about all that it involves. (this is not for most people)

An exceptional India fund for NRIs.

For the very long-term investor, here are two Frontier and Non-India funds that may also be of interest.

Finally, my note on The Purpose of Money

Am I missing anything? Have a question? Feel free to write in here